This is my little online collection of stuff I've learned over time. More will be added as others request it, typically via random threads on /x/ where I like to lurk and post advice. Think of this as a friendly advice page written by a bored sage who wants to lend a hand (or at least try to).

Sections ready to read: Getting started. All links on the page are functional, though I may add to and clarify information as I go.

Sections not started yet: All others. I'll get there as soon as I can.


How do I know this stuff even works?

I'm just saying what works for me. Don't trust anything you read blindly. Do your own research, tweak your methods to match your situation, and think for yourself.

Who are you?

I'm a researcher living in the USA. I have been doing paranormal stuff for over 30 years now. I'm largely self-taught preferring to dive in blindly instead of researching first. More on my beginnings in the "Getting Started" page. I tend towards entity work in general, so this site will focus more on that than things like spells and crystals. When not writing pages of random stuff I like playing retro-style video games. I'm very fond of Darkest Dungeon and Gwent.

OMG! Please help me!

Go to 4chan and visit /x/. I might respond. Of course, someone else might, too. There's lots of people out there and those who aren't trolls are trying to help. Having multiple opinions and experiences to browse through can be helpful sometimes.

Can I help you?

I'm not going to link a patreon or beg for money. This isn't about that. It's about trying to help others. If you want to really help me, find someone who needs help and HELP THEM. It can be something as small as talking to an elderly person who looks lonely, picking up trash on your street, or rescuing a stray cat. Just do something. That's all I ask.