The Library

A collection of books written by other people. I can't vouch for everything in these books being accurate as I have not tried everything in them, but hopefully some of these books will be at least interesting and may help you along the way. Many of these books can be found elsewhere, but are being mirrored here for your convenience. The orgin page for each file will be linked under (x) if I know where it came from. Files will vary: some are .PDF while others are text files or images I convered to HTML pages.

Declassified US Government / Law Enforcement Documents

HemiSync Meditation Process - Monroe Institute (x): A guide on using binaural beats to change brain waves and indude meditation as well as other mental state changes. (pdf)

Historical Documents

Translated Malleus Maleficarum section on Succibus/Incubus (x): Technically this is a big book on why witchcraft is evil, however, this is also one of the few legitimate sources on Succibi/Incubi I have found on the internet. This is edited down into just the parts regarding succubus/incubus with most of the witch-hunting left out. (html)

Cool people from the Internet

The Eight Circuits of Consciousness (21st century update) by Bluefluke (x): An attempt to update the very popular Leary and Wilson consciousness model by intergrating modern terms and helpful illustrations to improve readability. It's a "quick reference guide" when people start talking about stuff like chakras and higher selves (ex: in the Psychonaut Field Manual). (html-image)

The Psychonaut's Field Manual (4th Edition) by Bluefluke (x): A wide range guide on a variety of things from binding spirits to learning how to astral project. It's arranged from "easy" to "hard". Chaos/Discordian flavored with Gnostic influences. Great for ideas on what to try next. (pdf)

Creepy Hollows

There are two main authors here: Magnolia and Ash. Magnolia has a really strong light alignment, preferring to work with fae and angels. And no I don't mean the badass kind of fae but the tinkerbell kind. Ash seems to tend strongly towards dark arts. Vampires and demons. The books aren't specific as to who wrote what, but this should give you some sort of clue.

Unlocking The Immortal Code (x): A meditation that helps when trying to connect to god-types.(html)

Kintetics for Beginners (x): How to channel your energies. Very useful for all sorts of things from telling if an entity is around to casting spells. (html)

100 Free Spells (x): A book of commonly sought spells. Low on instructions: it's mostly just a list of words to say for various effects. This is because intent is more important than process, but process helps if you can think of something complimentary to the words. Try saying over a lit candle or an altar.(html)