You don't have to work with gods

I want to put this out here: working with gods is not for everyone. Regular entities can do a surprising amount of things. They can be teachers, friends, protectors, and even lovers. You don't have to work with the gods if you do not want to.

Although gods are pretty powerful, the fact they are powerful means worse blowback if you fuck up. In fact, you probably don't even need that much power most of the time. Do you need a chainsaw to cut your dinner? No. But if you're cutting a tree, a chainsaw may be in order.

Also be aware that you will see more imposters pretending to be gods than any other class of entity. Click here for tips on identifying entities and avoiding fakes

Working with Gods

I have noticed a few common behavior patterns in god-types. These behaviors may manifest themselves differently depending on the deity, but they're common enough that they should be helpful in spotting and working with them. These general rules of thumb should be kept in mind if you decide to work with the gods. I also have worked with some of them and can give my impressions.

I will define god as "an entity that is commonly worshiped". For example, Voodoo Loa can be spirits of ascended humans (ex: Ghede class Loa) but they are still worshiped therefore would count as a "god". I'll refer to all genders as "god" for ease of reading.

Also bear in mind this is from my experiences. Do your own research and talk to other practitioners if you want a fuller picture. I just want to share what I have seen as a practitioner so you can make more informed decisions and stay safer. The rules on this page may be generalized, but they're there to help you. It would be wise to at least hear me out.

They have a LOT of copycats

It's pretty common for a weaker entity to pretend to be a god in order to gain attention and favor from a mortal. If you can repel or dispel them with Basic cleansing rites they are not a god. This is a common "newbie trap", which is why I recommend that newcomers don't try to contact a god in particular until they have more experience.

They don't answer to anyone except each other.

Ever see a spell or rite that tells you to say something like "In the name of XYZ I command you"? Well, that sort of thing will only piss a god off. This said, some gods do have a hierarchy and may listen if a higher god says for them to do something. Note that I said a higher god, not a follower! If you need to nudge a god, it may be worth talking to a higher up. The higher up may choose to help or not. Either way, you can't force a god at any rank to do anything.

Outside of their "families" they actually seem to ignore each other.

While lesser entities network and make all sorts of alliances, gods seem far more insular. A pantheon typically functions as a family (adopted, married in, or related by blood) that lives and works within itself. Outside of a few "travelers" with multiple names, most gods stick to their little circles. The travelers often are emissaries who help the various pantheons keep abreast of anything that would be an actual threat to their people. Past that they don't seem to communicate or even really work together at all.

Most of them don't care if you worship gods in other pantheons...

Because they don't seem to care what other pantheons do, most Gods don't care if you also worship folks in other pantheons. As a caveat, try to avoid worshiping polar opposites in differing pantheons if you worship anyone at all. On the off chance they hear about your worship habits, you'd be seen as supporting an opposing ideal which would likely offend them. technically don't even need to be a devotee to ask for help!

You don't have to devote yourself to a god to work with them. As long as you pay them due respect while working with them and repay their help as requested they are pleased. This said, if you don't worship any gods try to refrain from saying they don't exist. Calling on someone for help then saying they don't exist is just plain rude and likely to offend them.

They really hate if you pick favorites.

Ever hear the story about the golden apple of discord or Story of Arachne? In a nutshell, gods really, REALLY hate if you think one of them is better than another or, worse yet, that a non-god can beat them at any of their personal skills. Even if asked directly who is better never pick favorites. EVER. Dodge the question, compliment them all, politely redirect the subject, but under no circumstances must you say anyone is better than a god, even if it's another god. Don't. Just, don't. It can't end well.

Overview of pantheons I have worked with

If you are sure you want to work with the gods, here is what I have seen about various pantheons. It is opinion based off my own experiences and will be generalized as this is an overview page. Want more info? Find and talk with other practioners who have experience in groups you are interested in for a fuller picture of a group.

Pick groups to work with based on the kind of people you are most comfortable with. Ignore race, nationality, and other trivial things people lump in with the gods becase, frankly, they don't care what or where you are as long as you're their kind of people and treat them with respect (in their point of view).

Click any link below to skip to a pantheon or scroll down to read them all.
Greek And/Or Roman | Egyptian | Gaelic / Celtic | Voodoo Loa (Ghede) | Voodoo Loa (Rada) | Voodoo Loa (Petro) | Hindu| Native American (animal guides)

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Greek And/Or Roman

There's so much bleed-over between these pantheons it's not even funny. I suspect they decided to co-exist a long time ago as their humans worshipers started to merge societies. This pantheon is notoriously petty within itself, though I find the worst offenders are the "lesser gods" such as nymphs and graces. The big name gods are so popular they tend to be slow in replying or showing any mortal any response. They want to make sure it's not a one-off from a fanboy who read too many comic books or something. If you're serious about this group, be prepared to stay very patient, persistent and consistent. Also, Some are the same person but Some aren't. They are oddly forgiving for being misnamed so don't worry much about names.

Overall: As long as you treat them all respectfully and equally you'll probably be fine. Probably.

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This group seems to have eerie similarities to the Greeks / Romans. Is it cultural overlap from followers being so close geographically or is it a case of a high number of "travelers"? I'm not sure, either way these two groups seem to know what the other is up to more than most others do. I have noticed they are less petty than the Greek/Romans and have differing opinions on various topics. As they are less popular than the Greeks/Romans these days they do seem to respond quicker! That said, some of them tend to tag along and hang around after working with you and may pop by at random unbidden if you have shown any interest in them. Due to this habit I'd say this is not the best group for folks who just want to ask for help then move on, but they are fun if you want to make lasting friends.

A note on the "animal headed human" thing: it's a visual representation of their spiritual nature. They are technically human-like and have animal-like representations they can select if the mood strikes them. The Egyptian gods can switch between human, animal and hybrid forms on request. If you don't want to see them as talking animals or furries just let them know.

Overall: The overly friendly cousins of the Greeks/Romans. Also not actually furries.

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Gaelic / Celtic

I am less experienced with this group. In general, though, they seem a little more rough and tumble than the Greeks. If you ask for something, expect to have to fight to get it in some way. For example struggling through a string of bad luck to see better times socially. Having to pour effort into a task that you will not succeed at in order to be able to find success. And so on. They respect people who are genuine and talented. Multiple talents get a lot of respect, even if those talents need refining. No "fake it until you make it" here: Either you do or you don't. If you are found to be "faking it" they will not be happy to put it mildly (unless fakery is your talent, so make that clear).

Overall: Be honest, be willing to work, and be willing to do something with your time. Otherwise don't bother with them.

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Voodoo Loa (Ghede)

Most of these used to be human but by various circumstances became a sort of guardian for the human race. People claim they are "easy" to work with because of this. I wouldn't say "easy" so much as "understanding". They get what you're saying, but won't go easy on you just because you're human. They expect you to listen, learn and obey. Think of them as teachers who can jump in and kick ass if you need them to. Each of them has a differing personality so when you show them respect try to do things "their way" and not the way you think it needs to be done. It really helps if you pick ones that sound like the kind of person you can get along with. Makes life easier.

Overall: If you are a hellion already and want to learn from other hellion, go for it. Otherwise try other gods.

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Voodoo Loa (Rada)

Not a hellion? Ok with being generally a good person and super respectful to your elders? Yeah, the Rada are your guys. These are mellow folks who generally aren't as in-touch with humanity as the Ghede, but they won't make you eat broken glass for fun. No, I'm not kidding. Ghede get pretty fucked up sometimes. If I had to compare the Rada to anything, I'd say they're kind of like angels. They have a job, they get it done, they watch from afar unless needed. They're considered some of the more powerful Loa, being older and more experienced. Don't piss them off. Although they are very slow to anger, their wrath is extremely destructive.

Overall: Kind angel grampas and grandmas for good human folks. Super mellow.

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Voodoo Loa (Petro)

Are you a totally normal person with a regular upbringing? This is not your crew. They specialize in people who have it rough. If your life has sucked and you want to stand and fight for a better future, this may be the group you want. Doubly so if you're female as their leader is a woman. As a caveat, they are more temperamental than the other Loa with very quick tempers that flare out just as fast once things have been set right. This class of Loa is wrongly associated with being evil. They're more "hot natured". This said, some of them can be dangerous. Move with caution.

Overall: That scary guy with a knife who is there to back you up... just don't be rude or turn your back on him.

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It's probably just me, but these folks are spooky and weird. It's like they're a partial hivemind with parts that can move independently. These parts sometimes conflict at times literally fighting among themselves. On the up side, when one of them dies via violence or subterfuge they don't stay dead and instead come back as someone else for a bit before returning to the collective as themselves. There are lots of good people here (if you get along with them), but unless you're ready for the weirdness it can be jarring.

Overall: Good people, but holy fuckballs can they get weird.

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Native American (animal guides)

Literally a pack of talking animals created by a god (�Great Spirit�) to care for and guide the human race. Sure, they can take human-like shape, but they are animals in the end. This is basically the inverse of the Egyptian gods. Due to the fact they are animals they see the world very differently which can be helpful for seeing things from a new angle and understanding things that you couldn't figure out. As a side effect you must learn how to think as they do to be able to fully interpret what they are trying to let you know.

Often these will show up more metaphorically to teach a lesson instead of doing things directly for you. It typically boils down to "watch and learn from my example" or "borrow my strength". It's very rare for one of them to literally rescue anyone. You must think for yourself and act for yourself in all cases. Due to being just helpers, there is very low risk of blowback. They know that the burden of action is on you. Therefore failure is it's own punishment and aren't likely to add further punishments because of it. One of the safest groups to work with that I have encountered.

Overall: Great if you need a leg up mentally or physically, but they are helpers ONLY. Super safe to work with if you can understand them. Also, yes, furry.

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Wired Sage's "fruity theories"

(This section is VERY under construction. Hang in there!)
I have a few theories that some people would dispute, but they seem to work for me. You can read these if you like and form your own conclusions.

  • The gods are technically one race: Some pantheons literally state in their Mythologies that they are related individuals (ex: Greek/Roman). Arguably, unless a god was created by a god, is an elemental, an ascended human, married into the gods or was adopted by the gods, this should make them all the same race.
  • The first god was a ball of self-aware chaos: Literal primordial pre-stuff that became self aware triggered reality as we know it, along with the gods.
  • The gods are not static and change themselves over time: As the gods supposedly are living beings, it makes sense for them to not be exactly as written in myths thousands of years old. This plus the fact that humans like making stories up about gods for entertainment can result in them being different than you'd expect.
  • Some "gods" are actually just people with a job: These would be your lower level "gods" representing activities and concepts. For example, the Grim Reaper would be a bunch of folks doing a job and not a single god.
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