By Creepy Hollows. (Source webpage)

Work with Kinetics can reveal surprising information about you. Within you are all the elements you need to excel from being ordinary to someone extraordinary. Kinetics is described as being the movement or activity of something in response to stimulus. You are the stimulus.

The first steps of Kinetics are simple but can be difficult to master. The positive side is once you get a handle on the basics the execution of the more integrated principles becomes easier.

This class is going to lay the groundwork for everything that will come in the future. Take the time to learn these initial steps because mastering the basics is the foundation for how well you will do in developing your greater Kinetic abilities.

Everything around you is made of energy. It is the energy within everything you will manipulate and command. Learning how to identify and command energy is the very first step in learning how to become a Kinetic master.

You will need to choose three objects for this class. One object should be something personal that you handle and work with all the time. One object should be something mundane around the house with little or no use. The last object should be something organic (like a plant).

Before you start make sure you have some time to dedicate to this initial exercise. It's important that you are completely invested in what you are doing and can complete this without distraction.

Lay the three objects before you. Get yourself in a quiet state of mind and allow your thoughts to dissipate. Let your body relax and as you breathe recognize the buzz of existence within you. Feel the most intimate and singular aspects of yourself. You will find the more quiet your mind and the more relaxed you are the more you identify every little aspect of yourself. You will feel the individual cells within you vibrate. Allow yourself to delve deeper and deeper into this state of consciousness until you feel your entire body vibrate with its energy.

Feel every cell tingle with life, the tips of your fingers, the tips of your toes, every strand of hair, every path of skin around you. Once you have lapsed into this state of complete recognition and connection with your energy you will then (and only then) begin work with the three objects you selected.

Start with the organic object. It is best to hold the object in your hand. Keeping your own recognition of your energy at the forefront of your mind begin to feel the energy of the organic object. Feel the unique signature of something organic. There is life there. It is something more than what you will feel from the other objects. Every living object (like plants) has their own energy signature; just like humans. Feel the energy from the organic object as it merges with your energy. Through the sensory recognition of your energy you can distinguish the organic energy. It will feel alive but not sentient. Set the object down.

Pick up the object that does not have a lot of use. You should be able to distinguish the difference between the organic energy and this energy. Inanimate objects have energy signatures but they lack the living component of organic objects. This little-used object will have an energy signature that you can feel but it will be more subtle than the organic object. You will feel the energy merge with your own but it will feel both alive & empty at the same time. Set the object down.

Take your well-used object into hand. You should feel a surge of your own energy as this object you have left a stain of your own energy within. There is a reason "home" feels like "home"... it's heavily stained with your energy. It is why your own bed is more comforting than a bed anywhere else. Even if they are the exact same model of bed your bed is your bed because you subconsciously feel your own energy in it. In working with the well-used object you should feel both your energy and the energy of the inanimate object. When you work with something that is personal you should always feel a push-back of your energy stain first & foremost. You will then push past that to feel the inanimate energy of the object itself. Set the object down.

You will need to cycle through these three objects until you feel confident you can easily and quickly identify the unique energy signatures of these three types of objects. Whether you spend several days or more than a week working with this exercise this basic principle is singularly the most important thing you will learn with kinetics because it lays the ground work for being able to work with any kind of object you come into contact with.

Once you feel comfortable and feel that you can easily distinguish between the objects even if you were blind-folded and didn't know which object you were holding except for its energy signature you can then move on to the next step.

The next step will be the initial influence of energy and your ability to even minutely influence the behavior of the energy of the objects and command them with undeniable allegiance.

It will be the easiest for you to manipulate your personal well-used object. You should start with this object but you should expand to the manipulation of all the objects.

With your well-used object in your hands allow your body to become completely relaxed and become in tune with your own energy signature. As before you should feel your entire body vibrate as you recognize the existence of every single cell in your body. Once you are in the right frame of mind begin to feel the energy signature of the object in your hand. It is no longer an object but a ball of energy. Only see the energy and if it's easier to close your eyes to visualize the energy that is what you should do. In seeing the energy keep your mind focused. Do not allow your mind to become cluttered with doubt or question. You must maintian confidence and control or you will never master Kinetics.

Develop command of your power by being in control. Pull the energy of the object into you. Feel the energy. Recognize its unfamiliarity in comparison to your energy. Do not become overzealous, work in small steps. You want to move the energy of the object and do so with small bursts. Pull the energy towards you and away from you. With the simple (but difficult) recognition that energy is energy you can have surprising impact on every single thing within planet Earth. The earliest and first steps of the mastery of Kinetics is being able to simply realize and manipulate the most basic form of energy.

There is a mantra you can use to align yourself with unfamiliar energies and command their allegiance more readily. When you have completed all of the exercises in this class first, without use of the mantra, you can then use the mantra to further your journey and recognition. While holding any object you will repeat "Ambulo amana aberi" (Ohm-boo-loh ah-mah-nah ah-beh-ree). Repeat this over and over with rhythym and you will feel your energy and the energy of the object become a singular connection which then allows you to command the allegiance of any energy.

This class is essential to your future success. Do not rush these exercises. It will take your diligence and patience to create the extremely important foundation of all kinetic power.

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