By Creepy Hollows. (Source webpage)

Beneath the skin and bones lay the divinity that comes from the Astral Realm. It is the immortal bond that gives you the unshakable link to what the Astral Realm can provide. You were born within the majesty and unfiltered beauty of the stars and that is something to take hold of with both hands. It is a bond that resides within every single person on Earth though most only scratch the surface by adopting a spiritual or religious path. Unlocking the immortal code within your DNA, however, can unleash a force that will greatly enhance your life experience.

As with the mastery of any path you must start with the basics. You cannot expect to truly achieve something great without knowing it from the basic principles to the master principles. Take the time to invest in yourself and your capabilities because you will not let yourself down when you really put in the time and energy.

You need to start with the basics. In learning the basics you will create the right foundation you will need to reach higher plateaus of power. In entertaining what you are truly capable of you will feel your ethereal connections become stronger and more in tune with your life.

To begin you need to be in a quiet state of mind and body. It is essential you allow a deep breath to cleanse yourself and your body. Allow all the thoughts of life to empty from your mind. You want to be a clean slate. No matter how active or dormant your immortal code is, it is there. The more aware you are of its existence the more control you have.

When you unlock your immortal code you can exact control and have favorable experiences when it comes to communicating with Immortals, working with immortal magick & energy, and successfully commanding the countless benefits of immortal connections.

The best way to become in tune with your immortal code is to use this mantra: "Miso ana ledra" (Mee-zoh ah-nah lee-dray). It should be repeated over and over in the lowest octave you can achieve and should be repeated in rhythym. As you chant the mantra you will feel an activation in several places in your body. You will feel your crown, heart and root chakras all have pinpointed areas that feel pressure. This is the sign you want to have. In these three areas you will connect to your immortal code.

You need to chant the mantra for at least 5-10 minutes daily. Chant until you feel the pressure in your chakra zones. Then you should quiet your mind completely and allow your body to fully connect to the pressure. As you focus on the chakra zones you will feel an energy begin to run through your body. It is an electric wave that will fill the entire body. When you feel like electric energy coursing through you then you know you have made a solid connection with your immortal code.

Do not be discouraged if it takes you several times in working with the mantra and chakras to feel this full-body connection. For some the first time they feel it the electric wave is short-lived and slight. The more you work with the mantra and the more you engage a connection to your immortal code the greater your experiences will become.

Once you have achieved the electric wave through your body you will then need to engage this connection further. You want to be able to identify and connect with your immortal code any time you need to. Those who continue this path will eventually learn how to command and control the immortal code within them. For the present it is simply important to know and realize what you can do in working with the immortal code alongside the work you do with the Immortals, magick, spirits, and entities in the Astral Realm. Your interactions will be far more intense and fruitful. You will be identifying and working with them on the same wavelength. You will discover how immeasurably important this is to achieving some of the greater goals you have for yourself.

You should use the mantra before working with any Astral Realm endeavor as it will give you the boost you want for greater experiences. You should do this regularly until you can identify and command the connection to your immortal code on your own. Eventually you will not need the mantra to activate your immortal code for you to find. Eventually you will be able to feel it all on your own because it will become second nature to you. This is the first step, the most essential step, knowing how to find your own immortal code, how to identify its unique presence within your body, and how to use it in all Astral-related endeavors.

This simple step is essential & key to the ongoing development of your immortal quest.

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